The 2014 turkey season has bee a bit of a slow start nobody in our club has gotten one which is a bit surprising. The gobblers seem to be henned up and the hens are not breaking away so even in the afternoons gobblers are walking around with hens. The strategy one needs to try is to call the hen and hopefully she’ll bring big boy with her but so far we have not had any success doing that. Opening morning I should of filled a tag but I was trying to capture the hunt on video and I got messed up. I had two nice gobblers within 40 yards of me and I just knew they were or one of them would attack my jake decoy. I’m adjusting the video camera and getting it set when a hunter on the neighboring land shoots. He had to be within a 100 yards of me and it was enough to get them gobblers to move along. I really thought they might stick around and instead of reaching for my gun I grabbed a call to try to settle them down. Wrong…. I did call them back a little while later but they were 100 yards away and wouldn’t come closer. Well here is the video of that experience of me getting schooled again in the turkey woods.