Greetings I’m Moose and I currently  live in North Carolina and have lived here for the last 17 years.    I grew up in New England and still have many roots tied to that part of the country and try to get back there as much as I can. I miss New England fall days, when the air is crisp and the beauty of the leaves as they turn colors and drop to cover the earth for winter.  I miss winter almost as much.

How did I get to love the great outdoors as much as I do?  As a boy, I fished a lot but it was not until my college years before I took up hunting.   Once I started hunting, I knew that this was for me and I began to learn all I could about hunting and the outdoors.  Moose Droppings will be a place that chronicles my journey, I’ll explore new places and ideas I’ll learn new things and I’ll teach the things I’ve learned to others.  Join me on the adventure and hopefully it will help you in your outdoor endeavors.
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