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Thanks to Skinny Moose Media I had the opportunity to review the Magnet Gun Caddy.  The Caddy is a small plastic and foam device with a magnet on the back.  It is made to hold a gun upright against your car or truck before or after your field outing. 


The picture on their website showing a shotgun leaning unassisted against a truck brings back memories of youthful pheasant and quail hunting in my native Kansas.  A damaged sight bead, a scratched gun, a scratched vehicle, a disaster waiting to happen.        


I didn’t think they would have released the product to the public or asked us to review it if it wouldn’t hold up a measly shotgun or rifle so I decided to give it an opportunity to hold up some real iron.  After reading the instructions on the package and on the handout provided to reviewers I grabbed my .50 caliber, heavy octagon-barreled traditional black powder rifle and headed for the truck.  My Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner sits up high enough and has contours in all the wrong places that it took me a couple of minutes to find the sweet spot.  After that the Magnet Gun Caddy worked like a charm on both hard surface asphalt and on grass.


However, this is dv’s Mostly Archery so you know I couldn’t stop there.  The same problem that the Magnet Gun Caddy addresses for gun hunters also plagues bowhunters.  It is far too easy to step on a grounded bowstring, sight or bow-mounted quiver of arrows in early morning darkness.  I grabbed my Reflex Highlander and experimented with fitting the top limb into the Gun Caddy.  It worked, but required a lot more experimentation and I wasn’t happy with the results.  That’s no fault of the Gun Caddy, though.  It isn’t what it was designed for.



Function:  ***** (4 stars)  The Magnet Gun Caddy worked for its intended purpose and is a good idea to prevent damage to guns and vehicles.  The instructions on the hand-out provided supplemental information and would be nice to have when purchasing the product.   


Value:  ***** (2 stars)  I think the street price of $9-11 is a little high.  I’d probably have to encounter catastrophic damage to one of my seldom used guns before I paid more than $4.50 for one. 


The Magnet Gun Caddy has received the North American Hunting Club Field Tested Seal of Approval.  For more information visit Magnet Gun Caddy.


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happy hunting, dv


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