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Product:  JD Welding Arrow Spin Tester


Manufacturer:  JD Welding


The JD Welding Arrow Spin Tester 



Overall Rating:  ***** (5.0 stars)




– Four 7/8″ bearings

– Heavy duty aluminum

– 4″ wide x 12″ long x 1 1/2″ high


Cost:  ***** (5 stars).  $25.00 including free shipping.  Compare this spin tester’s price to commercially available, mass-produced models and I don’t think it can be beat. 


Performance:  ****** (5 stars).  Heavy duty with a wide base the spin tester sits on my archery bench well and performs well.  It certainly pointed out the flaw in that rotten #1 arrow that always hits three inches high. 


Manufacturer’s Customer Service:  Not rated, not used.


General notes:  Using a spin tester to check your arrows’ straightness and broadhead alignment is crucial.  Broadheads not properly aligned with the arrow’s axis will lead to unwanted flyers.  Usually I want to use something an entire season before doing a gear review especially if it is a positive review, but for some products I don’t think that is necessary.  This spin tester is one of them.  I don’t know what else you could ask for.  Great price, great product, good service.  ‘Nuff said.  Contact Joe to get yours.


happy hunting, dv


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