Energizer Trailfinder 3 LED Headlight
Shootin’ Stuff  

Strother Infinity, 26.5”, 68 lbs
Vapor Trail strings and cables

G5, 1/4” metapeep  

QAD Ultrarest Pro HD rest  

TightSpot Quiver  

Straight ‘N Arrow Archery Sling  

Smooth Stability 8″ SLR Stabilizer  

Easton 3-49 ACC’s 26.5″  

3 helical 4″ Feathers  

100 grain, 4-blade Magnus Stingers  

100 grain, Slick Trick Magnums  

100 grain, Wasp Jak Hammer SSTs  

Hot Shot Manufacturing Infinity Release

Strother Valor with Muzzy Fish Hook rest and AMS Retriever for bowfishing   

Other Handy Items

Lone Wolf Alpha Assault hang on stand  

Lone Wolf Sit & Climb climbing stand  

Lone Wolf climbing sticks  

Victorinox-Forschner pare knife 

Energizer Trailfinder 3 LED Headlight 

Fiskars ratchet pruners  

Fiskars retractable saw

Buck Country Products Oxy Elim-A-Scent