Deer season
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Here we are about half way done with deer season. It has been an exciting one, seen does, tons of sign from the bucks. I have yet to find a buck to read the script where he is supposed to enter stage right yet, but, it’s only a matter of time. Yesterday was one of those moments that the non-hunter will never understand why we love this so much. Shortly after four as the birds became quiet, the backwoods swamp I was sitting on grew darker, and it was just one of those moments that you didn’t want to end. I sat right up until legal time and unloaded my 30-30. Used my flashlight to find my way out to the trail and back home. I am also growing with excitement as I will be heading to Vermont on the 18th to do some hunting/filming for a tv show I am crew member for. Will be spending those days into Northwoods Outdoor Adventures, located in West Topsham, Vermont. Was out there for bear season back in September and have been itching to go back since. Well, supposed to rain this afternoon, temperatures are rising so we need to get out there this morning and see what will happen. Good luck hunting and most of all have fun!!!!

Deer Season 2010
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Here we are just over a week into our Maine 2010 firearms season for that elusive whitetail deer. The season has started off great as I had a few friends throughout the first week come up to hunt with me. Although no one tagged out we had a great time. We have seen does almost each time out and will be back at it tomorrow. I am hunting an old familiar spot but this year there seems to be quite a rebound in deer and sign. I have seen more scrapes and rubs then I have ever seen. It would be a real fair statement to say the buck to doe ratio where I am hunting is real good. Everyone that see a deer or shot one from this past Saturday said the buck was chasing doe. It appears to be a tad early this year but that was predicted and expected due to what we have seen. This week should be a real good chance to tag out. Get out there and put your time in, find the does, hunt the food sources and eventually you will have a buck cross your paths, then, shoot straight and the work begins…Good luck.

Dog days of summer
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Well, I know that up here in Maine we certainly have it milder then the majority of other places across this country.  I probably have no right to complain, but I’m going to.  It sure is the dog days of summer.  When you sit here and sweat like your porting a canoe a mile it’s just plain miserable.  I hate to push summer on for those who love the heat and enjoy boating, swimming or whatever other summertime event you participate in.   Although, I am longing for that cold morning sitting in a tree stand.  That time is quickly approaching us.  We have the drawing of the antlerless deer permit coming up on us quickly.  Of course there are  alot less tags out there this year(which is something that I will go into and state my opinion on tomorrow).  I have been in the woods doing some scouting and am currently looking for a couple new tree stands as one of the spots I frequently hunt had a major cutting done in it this past winter/spring.  Well, I hope you are all staying cool and for those who hate the heat as much as I do….think about that opening morning sitting in your deer stand with teeth chattering.

Hey all
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Well after quite some time I am back.  This time to stay.  Due to career changes and different things going on, I needed to step back and get things in order.  That has all been accomplished and I am back with new ideas, plans and look forward to reconnecting with all of you and making new contacts. 

Bear with me as I get familiar with the new layout and take a day or so to get my feet underneath me.

Foster Kids and Hunting
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In a forum that I visit often, there was a recent posts where a teacher of a high school here in Maine talked about one of his students.  This student is out of his birth home and lives with a foster family.  This foster family has a strong foundation and history of hunting and fishing as many families here in Maine.  However, this kid told the teacher that he was unable to hunt until he was 18 due to being in the “system”.  I am unaware of such law but I am investigating this.  If I find this to be a true statement, I will find it unreal.  If the kid demonstrates safety and the ability to hunt then he should be able to whether in “traditional” home or a foster home. 

I have an email into the warden service in hopes of finding out more information.  If anyone has information on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

 I hope this is not the case.  If so, we have some work to do with laws around youth in the foster care program.

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