Starting in 2006, New Hampshire has a new 5-day fall shotgun season only in WMUs D1, D2, G, H1, H2, I1, I2 and K (the Connecticut River Valley and southwest portions of the state); these areas constitute the state’s most dense turkey populations. The 2006 fall shotgun turkey season will run from October 16 – 20, 2006.
Participants in the fall shotgun turkey season will need both an $11 fall shotgun permit and a $6 turkey license, as well as a current N.H. hunting license. The fall shotgun permit entitles a hunter to take a single bird of either sex with a shotgun. Hunters can take only a single turkey during the fall, either with bow and arrow during the archery season, or with a shotgun during the shotgun season. The bird must be tagged with the “fall” tag that comes on the regular turkey license.
Shooting hours for the fall season will begin one-half hour before sunrise and end one-half hour after sunset. The fully feathered, intact turkey must be registered and sealed within 24 hours of the time of taking.