Well, I know that up here in Maine we certainly have it milder then the majority of other places across this country.  I probably have no right to complain, but I’m going to.  It sure is the dog days of summer.  When you sit here and sweat like your porting a canoe a mile it’s just plain miserable.  I hate to push summer on for those who love the heat and enjoy boating, swimming or whatever other summertime event you participate in.   Although, I am longing for that cold morning sitting in a tree stand.  That time is quickly approaching us.  We have the drawing of the antlerless deer permit coming up on us quickly.  Of course there are  alot less tags out there this year(which is something that I will go into and state my opinion on tomorrow).  I have been in the woods doing some scouting and am currently looking for a couple new tree stands as one of the spots I frequently hunt had a major cutting done in it this past winter/spring.  Well, I hope you are all staying cool and for those who hate the heat as much as I do….think about that opening morning sitting in your deer stand with teeth chattering.