Here we are just over a week into our Maine 2010 firearms season for that elusive whitetail deer. The season has started off great as I had a few friends throughout the first week come up to hunt with me. Although no one tagged out we had a great time. We have seen does almost each time out and will be back at it tomorrow. I am hunting an old familiar spot but this year there seems to be quite a rebound in deer and sign. I have seen more scrapes and rubs then I have ever seen. It would be a real fair statement to say the buck to doe ratio where I am hunting is real good. Everyone that see a deer or shot one from this past Saturday said the buck was chasing doe. It appears to be a tad early this year but that was predicted and expected due to what we have seen. This week should be a real good chance to tag out. Get out there and put your time in, find the does, hunt the food sources and eventually you will have a buck cross your paths, then, shoot straight and the work begins…Good luck.