Here we are about half way done with deer season. It has been an exciting one, seen does, tons of sign from the bucks. I have yet to find a buck to read the script where he is supposed to enter stage right yet, but, it’s only a matter of time. Yesterday was one of those moments that the non-hunter will never understand why we love this so much. Shortly after four as the birds became quiet, the backwoods swamp I was sitting on grew darker, and it was just one of those moments that you didn’t want to end. I sat right up until legal time and unloaded my 30-30. Used my flashlight to find my way out to the trail and back home. I am also growing with excitement as I will be heading to Vermont on the 18th to do some hunting/filming for a tv show I am crew member for. Will be spending those days into Northwoods Outdoor Adventures, located in West Topsham, Vermont. Was out there for bear season back in September and have been itching to go back since. Well, supposed to rain this afternoon, temperatures are rising so we need to get out there this morning and see what will happen. Good luck hunting and most of all have fun!!!!