My 2 locking tags arrived earlier this month and I already put 20% down deposit for the transporter flight from Kodiak City proper to the alpine where I’ll be taking my dad on an adventure chasing Sitka black-tailed deer. The deposit locked in our dates and the particular lake where we’ve chosen to operate our base camp. Now I’m sorting my way through 7 or 8 alternatives to come up with a Plan B and Plan C in case someone beats us to the early season punch.

This is a hunt that I’ve contemplated for a long time – probably ever since I read the chapter on Sitka blacktails in Chuck Adams’ book Super Slam, well over a decade ago. It’s an island that plays second fiddle to none other in terms of the adventure level it possesses. Certain specific factors aligned for 2017 to be the year to make my Kodiak dreams a reality. This will most certainly qualify as yet another “once-in-a-lifetime” hunt, and I’m sure the blog will be saturated with a heavy dose of posts related to this upcoming hunt as the months tick towards late August when we’ll depart.