On the front end and back end of the Alaska adventure are pretty standard commercial airliner flights. Sandwiched in between the bush flights are anything but standard, at least to most of us, but that’s for another discussion another day. The commercial flights in and out are pretty standard except that 3 lay-overs are almost necessarily required and the flight itself is ridiculously expensive. Cheapest I can find right now, round trip from Columbus (CMH) to Kodiak (ADQ) is sitting just north of $1,100-and that has come down $300 in the past 2 months. OUCH!!

Enter the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Credit Card mileage plan. Sign-up, spend some money (pay off your monthly balance–c’mon America!), redeem miles, fly to Alaska w/ a bag or two for $30.

$30 you say, you must be lying. No I am not. Say it ain’t so, but wait, there’s more. Sounding like an “As Seen on TV” ad spot at this point.

Buy a companion fare to accompany you to your final destination at the rock bottom discounted price of $119.

Reasonable annual fee (comparable to the Capital One Venture which I have had for several years but will soon be cancelling) and decent mileage accumulators based on all purchases. In short, applying for the Alaska Airlines Visa card is poised to cut our Kodiak adventure price tag by ~40% of total cost.

I won’t belabor the incredible value that the credit card offers as it is well documented on travel blogs across the Internet. Search around if you want more of the fine-point details.