Obviously, my blog has been heavily Kodiak-themed for the past 6 months+, but now it’s to catch up a number of other exciting things that have been going. We will start with some wild edible foraging, skitter over to recapping a class field trip, sprinkle in some recipes and gear reviews from my Alaskan adventure, and finally get in to what has been a thoroughly enjoyable fall of chasing critters here in Ohio.

The pay-off for doing some rigorous garden soil testing and heavy soil amendments this early spring was huge. It was by far the most extended production that I have gotten out of my Ohio garden, and my previously lackluster tomatoes and a few other garden items finally produced in the way that I thought they should.

I’ll highlight just one new favorite heirloom tomato variety that I tried for the first time this summer. Large Barred Boar.

The flesh on the inside was just as mottled and colorful as the exterior, and the taste reminded me of a salty-sweet Cherokee Purple. Very fleshy with small seed pockets, this was a dynamite slicer for making BLTs. I’ve already started sorting a few seeds for 2018’s garden, and the Large Barred Boar will be featured a bit more prominently moving forward.

An even bigger discovery this fall was that of a wild edible. For the first time ever, I confidently identified, gathered and consumed a large harvest of wild chanterelles. In fairly hilly country in eastern Ohio, they were scattered along a north-facing bench in some mixed maple-beech dominated hardwoods. I caught them just perfectly 2-3 days after a heavy warm-weather rain in late September. My only regret was not having more bags to carry more home with me. Regardless, they were spectacular sauteed and eaten plain or in other dishes for several days to follow. Mushroom GOLD!!!