4 days later, the forecast provided a 1-2 punch of a perfect wind and unseasonably warm temperatures, a combination I hoped would allow me to capitalize on my corn field waterhole game plan. I sneaked in undetected and got positioned about 25 yards away from the waterhole. With 3 hours until dark, my hopes were really high that the deer would be headed for water as soon as they got out of their afternoon beds in the heavily timbered cover to my south.

Unfortunately, as dusk approached, the steady wind that had blown all afternoon died and everything became dead calm. I knew that sitting on the ground and having a calm wind was probably a bad combination, and my worries were confirmed right at dusk when a single deer blew out from the corn field just steps from being at the waterhole.

Stubbornly, I stayed in place until dark, but nothing else showed in daylight. Right as shooting light passed, a small herd of deer came up one of the trails, and I could make out dark shadows slipping in one by one to get a quick drink before sliding out past me in to the standing corn field to feed for the night.