After my “almost was a great hunt” experience sitting in the corn by the waterhole, I took advantage of the next wind shift to slip just down from the waterhole and perch where the cover intersected with a hedgerow that split 2 fields of standing corn. It was October 25th. Just inside the woods behind me, the thick cover was interrupted by a small opening in the woods where I had some great shooting lanes at several heavy trails that spilled out into the food source.

Right at first light, I could see that the one corn field had had several passes combined off already. I suspected that before my morning hunt was over, I would see the combines come back to the finish the job. Not long after first light, a small yearling buck fed out into the strip of cut corn, took the dogleg north along the mowed corn, and finally stepped into the standing corn where I presume he was planning to bed for the day. It was still early and I could see lots of fresh rubs and scrapes from my elevated position. I was hopeful for more action to develop quickly.

It did. Just not in the form of more deer. Combines, cutting 4 and 5 machines wide, descended upon the field about 9 AM and proceeded to level the remaining corn. I saw that same yearling buck bounce back to the safety of the woods eventually, but no other deer were driven out of the standing corn and back into the cover where I was waiting.

Sort of a disappointing morning sit given the high expectations I had coming in, but thankfully, it was all due to circumstances beyond my control. I can live with that.