I decided to make one last post regarding Dad and I’s 2017 Kodiak Island adventure. The point is not to add new content. Frankly, there is not much else to say. What I do want to do is place an organized index of links all in one place – sort of a one-stop shop resource. The DIY hunt series are by far the most popular features on my blog and I field lots of emailed questions from readers, sometimes years after the original posts are made. If you want to ask more questions, feel free to reach out – my email is [email protected] I am always happy to assist in any way possible. After all, there are almost always a host of folks that I have consulted in planning any one of these great DIY adventures that I’ve been fortunate to enjoy the past 10 or 15 years.

Initial Planning Excitement

When is the Right Time to Hunt Kodiak?

The Planning X-Factor: Winter Kill!

Adjusting to Winter Kill

Travel Logistics:
Commercial Flight Logistics

Pricing Commercial Flights with your Alaskan Air Credit Card

Bush Flight Logistics

Gearing Up:
Initial Gear Musings

New Gear for Kodiak, Part 1

New Gear for Kodiak, Part 2

Kodiak Island Bag Dump, Part 1

Kodiak Island Bag Dump, Part 2

Kodiak Island Bag Dump, Part 3

Backcountry Meal Planning

Other Pre-Trip Thoughts:
…On Bears

Pre-trip Expectations

The Adventure:
Days 1 & 2


Day 3

Day 4 AM

Day 4 PM

Day 5

Day 6-8

Day 9

Days 10 & 11

Days 12 & 13

Post-Trip Thoughts:
Reflecting on Expectations

Detailed Cost Breakdown for Kodiak Adventure

Gear Reviews, Part 1

Gear Reviews, Part 2