On this 1462nd post of The Outdoor Smorgasbord, I am officially signing off. Yes, right in the middle of finishing up my hunt-by-hunt 2017-2018 deer hunting season (buck tag soup, yum!) and right before blogging that my father took his biggest buck ever this year – a near B&C monarch from central North Carolina. Whereas the blog will remain permanently affixed in the interweb, I will not be creating new content. Certainly not because I am finished adventuring in new places, creating new memories, or continuing to live my (perhaps biased here, but…) extremely interesting life, but more so because it is time to end this endeavor which has spanned nearly a decade. Plainly and simply, it is time to move on.

I hope that what I have created here has allowed some readers to live vicariously through some of my experiences, lent advice to others, and perhaps even inspired on occasion. With multiple million page views, I am of course indebted to my readers – thank you. In fact, I myself have undoubtedly been the blog’s most faithful reader, re-reading old posts much the same way one cracks open the pages of an old journal. For those consistent and dedicated readers, please do not be a stranger. The email conversations and the occasional cause for meeting up in person has been the main return on my investment through the years. I appreciate those relationships forged in such a modern and 21st century-type fashion. For those new readers stumbling into the blog for the very first time, do not hesitate to reach out via email. I will maintain my [email protected] email address and will still check it regularly.

So without further ado..