I’ll rotate in a new video everyday and start dropping them off the back end when the inventory reaches 6 or 7.

Pending a dead elk, we’ll make use of this “rib roll” technique to salvage the meat from the ribcage and brisket. This is literally the last scrap of meat that is left on any animal that I kill now. I was already accustomed to taking the neck roast, shank roasts, and flank steak. This won’t leave much for the buzzards!

Just so everyone knows in advance…if given the opportunity to take a bull elk at close range via the frontal shot…I will! Check out this video – a little graphic but gives a good lesson on skeletal/vital anatomy.

Consider the video of the day page resurrected…

We’ll kick off with a high country mule deer hunt in Nevada. I’ve talked with Ed a couple times on the phone regarding Kodiak Island Sitka black-tailed deer research…good guy. Enjoy the film.

Infolinks 2013