Hunters already were waiting when Idaho Fish and Game started selling wolf tags at 10 a.m. Monday, August 24.

The first ticket at the Fish and Game headquarters was sold to John Dennis of Kuna. But the very first ticket, Monday morning, was sold to Adrienne Peterson at Jim’s Pawn Shop in Middleton.

A hunter may buy only one tag at a cost of $11.50 for residents and $186 for nonresidents. A tag is good for one wolf, which may be taken in any one of the 12 wolf hunt zones in Idaho.

Fish and Game had sold 1,825 wolf tags in the first hour. By mid-afternoon Monday, about 4,000 tags had been sold.

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission earlier in August set a statewide wolf hunt limit of 220 wolves. When that number, spread over 12 wolf zones, is reached the hunt will end. There is no limit on the total number of tags sold.

Hunters can buy those tags at any Fish and Game office, license vendor, by telephone at 800-554-8685, or online at The process is the same as buying a license or big game tag for other species, including deer, elk, black bear or mountain lion.

The hunter must have a valid 2009 Idaho hunting license to buy a tag. A printed brochure containing the 2009 wolf hunting rules and seasons is available from license vendors. The rules also are available on the Fish and Game Web site at:

Because of potential legal action, however, some hunters may be unable to hunt wolves for which they bought tags in Idaho. A request for an injunction has been filed with a U.S. District Court in Montana. If granted, the injunction would block the wolf hunt in Idaho.

The timing is still unknown.

If the wolf season is blocked before September 1, hunters who have bought a wolf tag would be eligible for a refund. If the season is blocked on or before October 9, hunters who can show in good faith they did not hunt may be eligible for a refund.

The hunter must submit a request for refund by December 31 on a Fish and Game form along with the original wolf tag. Requests received after December 31 would not be eligible for a refund.

This refund process applies to the 2009 wolf hunt season only.

All refunds will be for the amount paid for the tag. Refunds can be in the form of a check or an Idaho Fish and Game gift certificate. Requests must be submitted to: Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Wolf Tag Refund Request; P. O. Box 25; Boise, Idaho 83707.

The refund policy and refund request forms are available from Fish and Game and on the Fish and Game Web site at: