You don’t think of it much, but the pacific Northwest is home to a number of cougars. In fact Vancouver Island has one of the highest densities of mountain lions that prey on the abumdant deer in the Temperate Rain Forest.
I came across a story about one cat who got a little too close to a popuulated area in Seattle.

SEATTLE – A cougar that prowled through Seattle for about a week and forced the closure of Discovery Park was captured early Sunday.

An enforcement officer tracked the animal after authorities were told the cougar had been spotted Saturday evening.

Tracking dogs chased the cougar up a tree and he was tranquilized.

The 2 1/2-year-old male weighed 140 pounds and is in very good health, Capt. Bill Hebner said.

read the rest of the story at the KREM Channel 2 news website.