You may have noticed my posts have tailed off. In August and September, the local deer season is open, the kids are back in school, We have two kids in sports after school, so time is at a premium.

Running: I don’t enter events that I need to train for after August 15th. My training schedule is often interrupted with weekend hunts. I run to hunt better. That said, I will be doing the MudMan Obstacle course On Sept. 23rd 2012

Hunting: Forest fires have really impacted access to some of my local spots. If they didn’t burn, then visibility is so bad from smoke, glassing is pointless. We did ride in Modoc County to get eyes on some country for a draw tag for my father. We will leave for Wyoming elk on September 27th.

Product reviews: Look for words and pictures on the Impact Jacket, and Badlands Element Base Layers in a future column…