So I had chalked up Azone last weekend as another Weekend of honeydo’s. Worked until 1:00 pm and then went to the Mexican restaurant for a midday Margarita and burrito. As I take my first sip of my “no salt, on the rocks” concoction my phone rings. it’s my bowhunting buddy inviting me on a last minute hunt in Sonoma County. So I get the Burrito to go and hustle home to grab my bow and my bedroll. I’m crunching along in the Madrone leaves that night by 5:30. No game spotted except the remnants of a turkey spread over a half acre.



We are up and drinking coffee before first light and still hunted our way along a long ridge. I have a deadline. I need to leave by 8:00 am to make it to the Mud Run that benefits my kid’s school. At 7:50 I spot a buck 250 yards away down in a hole. I drop to my belly, crawl back off the skyline and try and around down the steepest part of the ridge. No luck…I slip and slide and make enough racket to wake the dead.

So I hiked out of the hole with the vision of this buck in my mind. One that I am sure escaped my daughter and I two years ago one knob over. One that our buddy Kirk (Not AS) bumped earlier this bow season. I can still see his swollen neck and antlers outside his ears almost floppy at halfmast as he tested the wind. His DARK DARK hide standing out against the pale wild oats. He was big, He is my White Whale. Call me Ahab. I have 10 months to brew….he will be mine…he will….

As I drove out the dirt road to the highway it was as if every game animal wanted to taunt me…