John Martin is a 37-year-old Animal Nutritionist from Petaluma, California. He has hunted since he was 12 years old throughout California, Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming for a variety of game large and small. John began his archery hunting and competitive career in 2004. Since then he has competed throughout the state of California, and even at the World Archery Festival in both the Vegas target and 3D venues.

John has been a scorer for the Pope and Young Club and California Bowmen Hunters since the summer of 2007. It has given him a chance to extend his network of hunting friends throughout the West.

What does the future hold for John? Annually he applies for hunts in one or more of the eleven Western States and of course the various draws in California. One thing is for sure though, John will get a tag, draw or over-the-counter, to hunt the wily blacktail deer in the Coastal California region, along with the black bear that inhabit the same country. In preparation he will continue to shoot at the various competitive venues throughout California, as well as physically train. In preparation for the physical nature of his spot and stalk hunts, he runs trail races and logs more than 700 miles annually training.

When not hunting, shooting or working, John regularly speaks to groups on a variety of topics. As well as addressing young people in an advisory role, he performs cowboy poetry at numerous events throughout California. He has recently published a book of his original poems, Rancher’s Rhymes.

Look for John at your next 3D shoot, on the shooting line in Vegas, or in a wilderness a long way from the road. He is always eager to lend a hand, offer encouragement, or just talk about hunting, shooting and his equipment.

You can contact John via e-mail at [email protected]

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