Below is a list of the gear I use for my archery and rifle hunting pursuits.  These are products I have found  to work well for me.  As I upgrade certain items I will update this list.  I have come to appreciate each item for its attributes and not because I receive any incentive to promote it. 

I appreciate any questions about my choices, and I would welcome the opportunity to evaluate new products.  Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have a product you would like me to try and give feedback on.

 My 2010 gear list is as follows:


Bow – 2010 Hoyt Alphamax 35 70# draw weight

Strings and Cables- Winner’s Choice

 Arrows – Easton Axis Carbon arrows 416 gr.(including 100gr. tip)

Broadhead – Wac’Em Triton 100gr.

Sight – Spot Hogg 7 pin Hoggit with Hoggwrap and .010 pins

Rest – Ripcord

Release – Carter Quickie


Rifle – Ruger M77 in .300 Win. Mag

Ammunition – 180 grain Nosler Partition bullets, 

Scope – Redfield  2x-7x (no longer manufactured) 

Saddle Scabbard by Hunter  


Tripod – K&K TP36

Spotting Scope – Burris Landmark 15-45x 60 mm

Binos Vortex Razor 10×42

GPS/Radio Garmin Rino 530 HCX

Shoes – New Balance  850 series for road, 900 series for Trail

Boots – Cabela’s Alaska Hikers

 Hoffman 14”pacs with 200 gram inserts and air bob sole



Base layer- Under Armour

Pants and Shirt – Sitka Summit shirt, and Mountain Pants, or Cabelas Microtex

Winter pants – Army Surplus wool

Mid insulating – Sitka Mountain shirt, Woolrich wool button up shirt.  Down vest or , Filson Wool Vest

Jacket – Rivers West

Rain Gear – Cabelas Rain Suede

Socks – Merino wool with Injinji toesock liners

Primos Bow Vest

Gamehide Sneaker  vest Blaze orange

Day hunt pack – Badlands 2200

Extended hunt pack – Badlands 4500


In the pack

Cooking system – Jet-Boil

Bivy – Ti Goat Ptarmigan 

Siltarp – Self made 8×10

One man tent – Cabelas North Star Bivy tent

Down Sleeping bag – Western Mountaineering Megalite 30 deg.

Pad – Thermarest Z-lite, or Trail inflatable. 

Water filter – MSR miniworks EX

Water bladder – Camelback

Headlamp – Badlands12 LED (no longer manufactured)


Infolinks 2013