I’ve recently been in touch with Chris Bell from Premier Recreational Products Corp.  It seems a few readers have had questions, which I of course am not at all qualified to answer, so instead I’ve asked Chris to come on over here, where I’ll gladly post the questions and he can come answer–accurately, straight from the “horse’s mouth”.

The word from Chris is that the first limited-run production has sold out, but dealers are still taking deposits, and a mid-season launch is most likely.  Release for 2011 models is planned for early summer, with a full production expected, and momentum continuing to build!  …So maybe a few growing pains, but it sounds like good things are happening, and we wish them well!

Questions For Chris Bell & Premier RC

Kicking it off, here are a few questions readers had.  Chris should be stopping by in the comments, so keep a look out for his answers, and email me with anything more you want to know!

Here are our first three from reader Gregg:

#1 — How long (time wise) to change a drive belt for a consumer?
#2– are any parts made in the USA?– what parts?
#3–When will ALL dealers have display sleds?