Press Release

ATA 5th Annual Archery & Bowhunting Summit

The ATA’s 5th Annual Archery and Bowhunting Summit will be held December 18-20 and all signs are that the progress reports in recruitment and retention as well as facility and opportunity development for 2007 will be significant.

The Ohio Division of Wildlife will host the Summit in Columbus and information about the event can be obtained from Kelly Kelly at 507-877-5300 or [email protected]

All state and local agencies and nonprofit organizations involved in archery and bowhunting are invited to attend. ATA members of the archery and bowhunting industry are also urged to attend.

“Our annual Summit meeting is a check point for the ATA, the state agencies and the archery and bowhunting organizations to determine how well we’ve collectively done to grow archery and bowhunting,” commented Jay McAninch, ATA CEO/president. “We began these meetings as a mechanism for everyone working to grow archery and bowhunting to communicate, coordinate and cooperate in their efforts. More importantly, we’ve also used these annual meetings as a way to measure our progress.”

The ATA’s Summit agenda will feature reports from state agencies about their continued expansion of the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), implementation of After School Archery Programs (ASAP), the development and/or refurbishment of shooting ranges, efforts to initiate Community Archery Programs, and an assortment of activities related to the protection and promotion of bowhunting. Organizations also provide reports of their activities which will include Roy Grime’s update for the multitude of work conducted by NASP in the USA, Canada and around the world and Doug Engh’s review of ASAP and the efforts of the National Alliance for the Development of Archery to establish archery in community recreation programs. Other organizations will provide information on Olympic Archery education and training programs, bowhunter education efforts, and a variety of exciting activities.

“I’m often amazed at the terrific progress we see from year to year at the Summit,” said Michelle Doerr, ATA director of archery and bowhunting programs. “When we initially asked attendees to report on their progress over the past year, we worried that many agencies and organizations would not have enough activity to provide a substantive report. We were happily very incorrect in our thinking. For those who take the time to participate – especially people from the industry – the Summit is solid evidence that the archery and bowhunting industry is growing.”

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