Project Afghanistan Hunt Club


STABLEY OUTDOORS & MYOUTDOORZONE.COM will be joining forces to send care packages to our soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan. With the help of Outdoor Industry Leaders and Men & Women who share a Passion for the Outdoors, we will be sending our troops Game Calls, DVD’S, Hats, T-Shirts, Magazines and other items to help make them more comfortable & pass the time when they are not on duty.

Most of us can’t imagine the mental and physical conditions they go through. By providing these items, we hope to lift their spirits and let them know how appreciated they are. Below you will find an email I received from a soldier serving in Afghanistan. SSG Christopher Morter had requested some catalogs and thought I would go one step further and see if I could get some people together to help these soldiers out, hence “Project Afghanistan Hunt Club“.

If you are interested in helping with “Project Afghanistan Hunt Club“,
please contact John Stabley or Paul Biggs at the following.

John Stabley
[email protected]

Paul Biggs
[email protected]

Original Email:

Dear Stabley Outdoor Staff,

My name is SSG Christopher Morter and I am a Wisconsin State resident
who is currently serving in the US Army in Afghanistan. I hunt and fish
almost every possible species and season that I can make time for (or my
wife allows) in Wisconsin along with whatever state I was stationed in.

One of my recent passions is Elk hunting, which I became introduced to
upon my return from my tour of duty in Iraq. I have been successful
twice in Colorado for drawing, hunting, and harvesting bull elk so far.
In Wisconsin I am a huge fan of whitetail, duck, goose, and coyote
hunting. I have spent several hours in my basement practicing (at my
wife’s, childrens, and pets expense)with various brands of calls and
instructional DVDs.

The last two years unfortunately I have missed my opportunity to Elk and
Deer hunt due to my military obligations (this year I had to return my
Colorado Elk Tags for refund to serve here in Afghanistan), along with
missing Wisconsin’s Duck, Goose, White Tail, and Ice Fishing seasons.

Upon receiving orders for this tour I packed my bags with my required
military gear and included a few extra goodies for my sanity. I brought
with me a few of my DVDs from my collection along with my bugle and
coyote Hot Dog caller. When I had some down time at my mobilization
station I put in a DVD to relax and through habit pulled out my mouth
calls and joined along. Needless to say this drew allot of attention and
soon other members of my unit began to circle around my bunk for “hunt
nights”. Soon our “hunt nights” evolved into several hunters in my group
buying calls and joining in. Even here in Afghanistan we continue what
has become our tradition of gathering on what little “down time” we
acquire to have “hunt night” meetings and watch DVDs and practice with
our calls. Unfortunately we have now memorized what little collection I
have brought with me and are starving for more!

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send us a catalog of
all of your Hunting DVDs and Animal Calls DVDs and any other products
that you sponsor? It is amazing how what started out as my passion for
hunting and the relaxation it brought me turned into a bond of new
friendships developed within my unit, not to mention an escape from the
conditions in which we are currently serving (as an extreme morale

From the Afghanistan Hunt Club we thank you,

SSG Christopher Morter

P.S. The address in which you could send the Catalogs would be as
follows (thanks in advance):

Christopher Morter
330th MP Det
APO AE 09354