Pleasant Valley, Missouri – Dead Down Wind has introduced the only leak-proof sprayer system in the scent prevention industry. Dead Down Wind’s Safety Locking Sprayer System offers precision spray control with the added benefit of being completely leak-proof in shipping, storage, or through accidental misuse.

Dead Down Wind

“We’ve listened to hunters and responded with an exceptional solution,” said Monte McDowell, president of Dead Down Wind. “With this new sprayer, hunters will waste less product, eliminate accidental spills or leaking even when held upside down. It enhances performance, increases the value and insures a better experience in any field situation.”

In addition to being leak-proof, this new sprayer design offers several other benefits.

* Ratcheted neck and coupling system ensures that sprayer will not vibrate loose or leak in transport
* Precision flow design offers optimum spray pattern, maximizing coverage without waste or voids
* Fool proof safety locking trigger clip ensures trigger cannot be depressed in shipping, storage, packs or in transport
* Product will not leak when held upside down
* “Off” position renders trigger totally inoperable, preventing unwanted leaks or accidental sprays

Dead Down Wind will offer the new leak-proof spray system on all of their Evolve3 ScentPrevent products beginning in July.

About Dead Down Wind®: Dead Down Wind® has revolutionized the scent elimination industry through a bio-engineered process known as ESP® (Enzyme Scent Protection). Through this process strands of enzymes are created that target a broad range of telltale odors including human bacteria – the source of human odor. Cover sprays can only attempt to mask these odors. Carbon clothing only attempts to contain it. The enzymes in Dead Down Wind® actually PREVENT odor-causing bacteria from forming – allowing you to maintain a zero scent environment.

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