Heat Factory’s Grab-N-Go Combination Packs Provide Multiple Warmer Solutions On Any Hunt

If cold weather doesn’t deter prey, it shouldn’t deter hunters either. That’s why the innovators at Heat Factory® have made it easy for hunters to gear-up and be prepared for any hunt dampened by cold weather conditions with their ingenious new line of convenient Heat Factory Bonus Packs.™ These versatile packs contain a multi-day supply of warmers that are a cinch to toss into your gear bag or backpack — leaving you with no excuse for venturing into the chilly field un-prepared.

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The first of three high-performance bonus packs in the series is the Heat Factory Hand Warmer Pack — the ultimate ‘must-have’ item to accompany you on any hunting excursion where waiting out your prey in warmth and comfort will help bring home that prized trophy. This combination pack of USA-made mini hand warmers is a true value to its user, as it packs in 12 pairs of Heat Factory Mini Hand Warmers, providing more than 240 hours (ten hours each) of unstoppable soothing warmth wherever it’s needed most. These mini heat generators snug perfectly into gloves and pockets — helping hunters take on any cold weather ‘bite’ with ease whether facing a brisk early morning in the field, or a chilly evening around camp.

Heat Factory Bonus PaksBigger adventures require bigger heat, that’s why Heat Factory has added the Heat Factory Hand & Body Warmer Pack to the bonus pack line-up, providing hunting enthusiasts with ten large warmers that generate more than 20 hours of heated-action each. These large versatile warmers can create a warm ‘resting oven’ for your hands — just slip one into your pocket, or pre-heat your sleeping bag for a cozy night outdoors — wherever you need heat, Heat Factory turns it on!

Last on the ‘hot’ list of Heat Factory Bonus Packs is the new Outdoor Warmer Pack, a complete three day supply of the exact warmers needed to keep you warm from ‘hand-to-toe’ during any hunt. This convenient, pre-selected combination pack of 21 hand, body and toe warmers is stuffed with a range of vital and versatile warmers that will keep you chill-free for more than 216 hours.

To learn more about Heat Factory’s new innovative line of Bonus Packs, or any of the company’s other products designed to keep sportsmen’s hands, feet and other body parts warm in the great outdoors, contact Heat Factory at 2390 Oak Ridge Way, Vista, CA 92081 • Telephone: (760) 734-5300 • Or visit