There’s a tradition starting to take hold among some bloggers of celebrating the first Tuesday in February by drawing attention to someone else’s blog by linking to it on what is becoming known as Blogroll Amnesty Day. The idea is for big blogs to link to smaller ones, and not the other way around. Smaller blogs, and for this purpose Thinking Outside counts as a smaller blog, are free to link to each other.

So in that spirit let me introduce you to my friend Sandra Rector and her blog Tuesday Tips.

Tuesday Tips is a common-sense, self-help guide to dealing with the problems of everyday life. Sandy dispenses her bits of wisdom weekly, and they reflect her life as an independent, self-reliant woman of the world. She’s also a blogger, and all bloggers love to have people reading their posts. Follow the link to Tuesday Tips, and you can help make my friend’s day, and maybe pick up some helpful advice while you’re at it.