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Ann Arbor Animal Control Services

US Animal Control provides professional animal removal for both residential and commercial customers in the city of Ann Arbor. We offer Ann Arbor wildlife control solutions for all species of wildlife issues such as, squirrels chewing holes in your soffits, raccoons giving birth in your attic, birds in your vents or groundhogs living under your deck, we have the knowledge and experience and the latest tools to solve your wildlife problem in Ann Arbor County in Michigan. For a Free Consultation, give us a call toll free at (888) 228-6073

We supply wildlife control services to the greater Ann Arbor, Michigan area including Barton Hills, Chelsea, Manchester, Milan, Saline, Ypsilanti and more. Nuisance wildlife that we handle in Michigan include bats, birds, pigeons, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, chipmunks, rats, mice, feral cats, beaver, moles, snakes, groundhogs, coyotes and more. US Animal Control also provides services such as wildlife damage repair, attic restorations, insulation removal/installation, building repairs, gutter cleaning, gutter guard installation, trapping, animal capture, wildlife exclusion, wildlife inspections and more in the greater Ann Arbor area.

US Animal Control of Michigan is your local Ann Arbor wildlife control specialist. If you are in need of wildlife removal or animal control call the experts at (888) 228-6073 or email us at [email protected]


Ann Arbor ishome to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor is the intellectual center of the state. There are frequent cultural events, many ethnic restaurants and colorful shops. A2 is like an upscale, uber-collegetown because of the economic strength of the large university community and many professionals who chose to settle in the area because of its rich cultural offerings.
If you are planning a visit to Ann Arbor, there is plenty to do, see and eat!  Be sure you take advantage of the many museums that are run by the University, such as the Exhibit Museum of Natural History and the University Art Museum (both accept donations for admission.)  The Exhibit Museum displays fossils from pre-historic life, animals native to Michigan, Native American heritage, and a recently opened a new Explore Evolution exhibit.  The museum has weekend Dinosaur Tours and regular planetarium showings.
The Ann Arbor Hands On Museum is another not-to-be-missed, especially if you’re traveling with children,  see what its like to be an anchor of a news station, or the driver of a REAL ambulance.
If you’ll be visiting us during the warmer months, there are plenty of out-door activities as well.  The Nichol’s Arboretum and Matthai Botanical Gardens will both be in full bloom.  You can stroll along the hills and through the flowers and enjoy the sunny weather.  The Ann Arbor Art Fair is another excellent summer event.  Thousands of artisans flood the streets of Ann Arbor displaying paintings, sculpture, glass work and jewelry.  In the evenings, you can visit Top of the Park, where movies are shown and performers entertain you at the top of a parking structure.

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