This vary morning I took off and sherked my sleep, and my work to do something  love to do. I went out in the bigwoods with my best friend in the whole world and did some back country trout fishing. The usual brook wading and casting kind of fishing a County boy loves. Over growth and tangles all part of the game. Wary waders avoiding the Moose holes so deep you could lose your past in them.

Caution reining supreme, and the distant rise of a trout meaningless, for it was too far out to get at. In the end he caught two, lost one. I fortunately was  blessed with another gift from the experience. This story I am telling you. To my chagrin not a trout was to be had. But it was beautiful morning and enjoyed the smell of bugdope and hearing singing robins. 

A few worms were killed today, but they were necessary sacrfices to the stream . The trip was short but it will live forever in my memory. Thank You Lord for my life and the breath you gave it. The Glory is yours and yours alone, Amen