I have returned………..


Wow what a crazy summer and an insane economy. Working one full time job and two semi-paying part timers. Leaves very little time for much. So this blog has been getting neglected.


Well a slight recap…….

1) Fiddlehead season was awesome…froze about 30 pounds.

2) Fishing has been alot more hit or miss than I would like. But I have trout in my freezer…it’s all Good.

3) Aroostook county has been raining daily for most of the summer. Accept the first part of August…..it’s been 80+!!!!!

4) Aroostook Flyers and Tyers has been neglected as well. As I pursue the recommercialization of fly tying into an added income. Leaving very little time…….for much.

5) Feeling My age……. right hander with elbow issues making it hard to cast the fly. Tendonitus? Carpal tunnel? Just painfull.

6) Bear baiting season Approaches!!!!! Heck it’s here!!!!!


7)  HELP THE VETS!!!!!!!!!!


Unclaimed Property

For Mainers……….Use the link above to locate forgotten bank accounts or refunds you never got. Every state has a site like this!!!!!!!