I spend alot of time cruising the internet in an effort to promote this blog and to find us new stuff. Well I think I have found the Ultimate Outdoor Site
What I found was an outdoor site called My Outdoor TV .com
Now if you are anything like me you love those hunting videos. Also like me you love learning more about hunting. Than this is the place for you, too. Some of the best shows on TV are here for your reference and enjoyment. The cool thing is……it’s free!!!!! No subscriptions…no dish network/direct tv bills……and the cable company can’t jack your rates every three months or so.

Well to be quite honest I hate TV!!!! THAT STUPID BLACK BOX CAN SIT THERE IN THE CORNER AND ROT!! I don’t have cable or satellite and it mostly gets used to watch DVD’s or Tapes. Well it looks like it is going to see alot less use than that from here on. (Wifey may not agree, so I reserve the right to recant should my life become endangered.)

You have to try the site……..