Here in Northern Maine we face a dilemna. How best to preserve our heritage and traditions. The deer here are devastated by the lack of deer yards and by winters so harsh that they starve in the woods. The loss of yards has coupled with the coyote issue to send our herds into a downward spiral. These are facts!! Debate how to solve our problems, but first you must agree that there is a problem.

 The moose of Northern Maine have faired better than our deer. In fact the last three times I have been out I have seen way more moose sign than deer. These facts have found there way to Augusta and in 2010 we will see 500 permits issued to this area of Aroostook. (WMD #6/#11) The bears are in rising numbers, but they too suffered great loss in the heavy winters.

I ask all of you….give Aroostook a rest. Take your deer hunting to southern Maine and kill their overpopulated deer. Leave Aroostook to recover for a few years. Yes come and hunt the bears and moose, but leave our deer as seed for our kids. I ask this of you…as a solemn request. Help us to preserve this wilderness and paradise. Hunt deer elsewhere for three years. Then we welcome you back with open arms.

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