December 10, 2009
Mathews Releases New Z7 Bow

You’d think bowhunters would learn, but they never do—at least not when it comes to Mathews’ new bows. In 2008 some said Matt McPherson would never create a better bow than the DXT. Then the Reezen came along and inspired the same bold statements… until, that is, Mathews released the 2010 Z7. Now folks are saying the same thing about the newest bow on the block. Here’s why:

The Look

The Z7’s new Grid Lock riser is the biggest deviation from bows of the past. Besides giving the Z7 a bold, beefy new look, the riser actually makes the bow lighter and stronger.

The bow’s available in Mathews’ Lost Camo or matte black, the Harmonic Dampers come in seven different colors, and you can customize the Zebra Barracuda bowstrings to complete the custom look.

The Feel

The re-designed roller guard prompts McPherson to make this claim: “It feels like someone is helping you draw.” Bold words. Better find out for yourself. (Besides, you’ll have more fun this way.)

The Skinny

The Z7 is quickly building a reputation for its speed and smooth draw. It comes with a Dead End String Stop, Harmonic Stabilizer, Monkey Tails and SlimFit grip.

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