Happy new year,

The ACCA coyote contest will run from Jan 16- Feb 13 Entry is $20. Half goes into the pot, half to the ACCA food plot program. The pot is starting at $1100.collected from donors.

Every coyote tagged will recieve a equal split of the pot. We are running a rifle raffle along side, 200 tickets at $20. winner drawn at the PI Sportsmen show. We also have close to $5,000. in product from groups such as Foxpro,Extreme Dimension, Cabelas, Remington. The details on the distibution are not finalized.

The ACCA general meeting will be held on Jan 19 6;30 pm at the Northeastland Hotel in Presque Isle. We will talk about the contest/raffle as well as have speakers from Korn King feeds on winter feed availability and a talk by a winter feeder from Oxbow.

All are welcome, new members wanted!

Kurt Lane


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