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I Love that we can now night hunt until August 31st!  This is Awesome News for Every Predator Hunter and a Great Opportunity for any New Predator Hunters to get involved in the sport while the coyotes are still young and naive before dispersal during a time when the weather is much warmer than our usual Cold Night Hunts that has deterred many hunters from getting involved! 
Everyone who deer hunts should do their part in Saving Maine’s Deer by harvesting at least one coyote!  If everyone did this for several years we would see a big change in the number of deer and the quality of the deer!  Keep in mind everyone that coyotes kill more deer per year than all of the hunters that hunt our great State!  Now consider how low our deer harvest numbers were for 2009.  Do you think the coyote’s deer predation numbers dropped equally…?  I don’t think so!  Do your Sportsmen Duty and Conserve our Precious Natural Resources!  Get out there and hunt one of the most Challenging and Elusive Animals the United States has to Offer!  When you harvest a Coyote you will not only be doing Maine’s Deer Herd a Great Service but you will find the Challenge to be Rewarding and very Satisfying!     
Hunt Hard and Be Safe!