1.What do you hunt? (List all that apply)

a. Deer
b. Bear
c. Birds
d. Ducks
e. Coyotes
f. Predators (fox, bobcats, and coyotes)

2.What do you hunt with?

a. Bow
b. Rifle
c. Pistol
d. Shotgun
e. Crossbow

3.What is your primary weapon?

a. Pistol
b. Rifle
c. Shotgun
d. Bow
e. Crossbow

4.When was the last time you got your deer?

a. Year
b. State
c. Sex and weight

5.When did you kill your last bear?

a. Year
b. State
c. Sex and weight

6.When you hunt which of the following is your preferred method?

a. Spot and stalk (glassing open areas like fields or cuts until game is spotted then stalk to within range.)
b. Snow tracking (finding a track, and staying on it ‘tll the deer is dead or day is done.)
c. Treestands
d. Stands over bait and or feeders (where legal)
e. Road Warrior/heater hunter

7.You are walking down a woods road looking for partridge…

a. Shoot only when they flush.
b. Shoot only when they act like they will flush.
c. Shoot all that I can until my limits filled, whether sitting walking, flying or doing palates.

8.You are cruising a back road to camp when a deer jumps out in front of you and stops in the road…looking the other way. You know you have only a moment.

a. You draw your trusty handcannon and drop him there. Still sitting in your vehicle and leaning out the window.
b. You get out of the vehicle ever so quietly and reload your rifle before shooting him.
c. You carefully open the vehicle door, dragging the “always bolt open and on the front seat” gun out behind you. Having already dropped the shell that is ‘always in your hand” in it and worked the bolt in the quiet of the vehicle. Then you shoot him, as soon as your feet touch the ground
d. You take out your camera and take a picture. Because you know he’ll be in the woods long before you can get your gun out, load it, and step 10 feet off the road to shoot.

9.You are bear hunting over bait. Over the last three evenings of your four-day hunt. A sow has been coming in to the bait at about the same time each night, cubs in tow. She is a huge old sow and a better bear than anything else you have seen. Her cubs all look to be yearlings in the 75-pound range. Knowing bear cubs will stay with mom until they are nearly two a lot of the time.

a. You decide to shoot her since the cubs are weaned.
b. You opt to let her pass so her cubs get another denning before she drives them off.
c. You opt to shoot a cub for a coffee table mount.
d. You decide to wait it out in the hope a boar shows at the last second.

10.You are deer hunting and find a treestand back in the big woods.
a. You climb up in it and wait to see what shows
b. You write down the hunters info so you can ask to use it.
c. You climb up and “liberate” it from the tree. Removing all tags and such so you can reuse it elsewhere and save a couple bucks on having to buy your own.
d. You pee all over the area so this guy hasn’t a chance of tagging “your” deer.
e. You walk away and go back to hunting.

11.You are out moose hunting during the permit only season in Maine. You spot a moose off the dirt track back in on lumber company land. The permit allows you to shoot only a bull. You realize as you leave the truck behind and sneak closer that there are two moose ahead. The hoof prints in the dirt make it clear that two moose were here. You know you saw one as it entered the woods to your left. The tracks indicate that the moose have stayed together.

a. You quickly but quietly pursue them, hoping to get a quick shot at a bull if it’s there.
b. You hang back and try grunting to get them to come out. Using a call in the truck.
c. You quietly leave the area to return later, but post a trailcam on the crossing to be sure a bull has been using it.
d. You drive on down the road..and see them again as they cut back across the road. You now see that it’s a cow and a calf.

12.You love to hunt and collect trophy heads for your den. But you kill way more game than you can eat.

a. You give the meat to the coyotes and bears by leaving it behind.
b. You give meat to friends.
c. You feed your dogs what you don’t want.
d. You donate the meat to FHFH or DEERME to help the less fortunate.
e. You store the meat in your freezer so you can show it off and brag about it, just to throw it away periodically to make room for more.

13.You are an otherwise ethical hunter who follows the law to a “T”. But you ignore the restriction on ‘Pocession Limits” since you feel that you took the game ethically and sportingly and for the better part very legally. Therefore you should be able to retain all game taken legally.

a. You hunt and kill your limit each day. But under Maine law you can only have two days limits in your freezer. So you abide by the law.
b. You manipulate the restrictions and keep the maximum number of allowed for each of the hunters in your household. Whether by all or just by one.
c. You keep two freezers, one at your home and one at a relative’s that doesn’t hunt. In the event of a Warden checking, the overage would be elsewhere.
d. You only keep the legal limit at your home and give away anything you take over that, being a Good Samaritan. Replenishing your own larder as you consume the game of course.

14.You are going down the road and see a deer get hit on the interstate. The truck doesn’t stop.

a. You pull over and call the Wardens…to claim the deer and report the accident.
b. You pull over, load the deer and hurry on your way.
c. You pull over, hack off the hindquarters and pull the back straps. Leaving quickly before someone passes.
d. You drive on and leave it there.

15. You are out hunting for a nice fat buck. When all of the sudden a nice buck dashes across the road you are on. You see it run off a short distance across a clear-cut and you fire. The deer goes down in full view, so you run to it quickly and claim the deer. (Hearing voices in the woods coming from the direction the deer had run from.)

a. You quickly approach the downed deer, you tag it instantly, securing your claim. Then set about dressing it off. Knowing another hunter will be coming to claim the deer.
b. Locate the bullet holes; under the rule of first blood, a killing shot secures the critter for the first shooter. But a wound goes to the second for finishing it.
c. Call a Warden and let him figure it out!

This poll is more for fun than anything but could yield some great information. Here’s what you do. Write down 1-15 and after each number give me the letter of the best answer or answers. Now post this list as a comment and in a couple weeks I will post the results. Remember I am looking for your opinions…be honest.

If you don’t want to post a comment you can email me at [email protected] with your answers.