Wow…..Uncle Ted got busted!

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Seems in California… here in Maine. You can not bait deer and hunt over these “baited” sites. The product used was not a food attractant like “Acorn Rage”. But a mineral based scented product called “CMERE DEER”. Sort of like that DEER CAINE,or a good old salt block. The form in question was the powder you semi bury to form a mineral lick.

Now what I find really weird in all of this is that your local Walmart has all of this stuff instock! If it is illegal to use this “hunting” product in a hunting sitution……. in Maine and California. Isn’t Walmart duplicitous in the violation of game laws…..and isn’t that conspiracy to break the law covered specificall by the RICO statutes, used to arrest “organized crime” figures? If you are knowingly selling a product that is used to break the law…….and yet provide no warnings that if used in the normal way of putting it out and hunting over it. Is clearly a violation of Maine law.…..and therefore Walmart is guilty of the conspiracy to violate the game laws….and because the activity crosses state lines…a federal issue as well. Therefore all of this would seem to conform to a RICO violation.

Granted none of that lets Ted off the hook for “baiting”. But hold on here. Isn’t Ted hunting in Texas alot of the time? Down there feeders are everywhere and on every ranch that has deer. Now granted the “sports” all hunt fixed blinds on trails that “lead” to feeders. Therefore they are not sitting “on” the “bait”. Which we all agree would be unethical.

That being said….if I sit in an apple tree to wait for deer to come and eat. Am I guilty of hunting over a bait? (Esecially if I planted the trees ten years earlier solely to atract the deer there in the first place.) What about glassing a hardwood ridge where deer feed all the time? It’s food……and it draws the animals there. I’m sorry……but hunt over bait if you want. I have a greater issue with sports who only shoot for 5 minutes at camp when they first arrive. Hunters who use too little gun and the anti’s who are looking to take it all away.

I’m not a sport………I hunt to live and live to hunt!

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You Manned up ……..and for that I am proud!!
Clinton and his blue dress taught us all something. You did it…own it …get over it!!!

Tom Remington wrote an opposing piece back in 2005…….. read it here.

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