“Here’s the photos of the moose 49 1/4″ spread and 806#’s. Hunt lasted 3hrs 42mins. Called him in to 40 yards, came in so fast could not get a video. Awesome hunt. ”


According to his phone call they had seen a smaller bull earlier. Moving off from there to another area nearby that Ivan had scouted out previously. Having seen moose in several different areas Ivan loves to hunt.

Ivan also informed me that of the 8 or so moose weighed in at Macs Trading Post. This was the biggest of the day.

Proud Hunter and Guide

Awesome job Brother Ivan. Keep it up and keep teaching Brandon how to be the great moose caller that you are. I know he loves the hunt as much as you do. I look forward to many more seasons hunting Aroostook with you bud. Yes even if it means taking vacation and coming back up only for a week each fall. Love the bears and love bigwoods bucks. Guess I will just have to adjust my working life so I can slip away from time to time to hunt OUR AROOSTOOK.

Again…….Write this information down or print the screen.

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