I recently had the chance to “meet” Gary Mathews of Timber Butte Outdoors through “Coyote Inc.’s” forum.(See right margin for link.) In the course of our initial contact I offered to review one of his new slings, The Outlaw Sling™. A true field test and useage review.

Well the sling is here and things are gearing up to put it to “the” test. I have a rifle I think will be perfect for the test. My CVA Wolf 50 caliber muzzleloader. I love to sling a rifle over my back and carry my shotgun in my hands. With deer season approaching I want to drop my buck with the CVA. But it’s not a light gun and most slings are too uncomfortable to use for long. Hence the two strap comfort of the Outlaw design.

Here are the three colors available. Follow the link above for more information on ordering.

My review will appear in the NOV. 1st edition of this blog. Two weeks should give me enough time to thoroughly test and evaluate the sling. Feel free to comment here if you have questions or experience with The Outlaw Sling™.

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