Aroostookbasser’s Christmas list:

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 Every year I am faced with the same situation and redundant question…. What do you want for Christmas?  


Well this year I am getting ahead of all that by blogging my list for all to see. So if you want to get blogged feel free to send me something on my list. I will gladly use and test each present and in January give you a review. Simple enough huh. I get a present and you get a review. Better hurry though….18 days ‘til Christmas.

The List:

  1. New Savage Axis 243 Winchester
  2. Timber Butte Outdoors “Outlaw Sling”; Brown for new Rifle
  3. Realtree Camo Clothes: Size…XL Shirt and 36/32 pants
  4. Rocky Boots; any style in size 10
  5. LL Bean snowshoes: 36” minimum for my “husky: size.
  6. Walls/Carhart One-piece Snow/Work suit: Size XL
  7. Harris Bipod; 24” to 36” workable
  8. Phantom Electronic Caller; Predator and Moose calls
  9. Predator calls: Open and closed Reed
  10. Trailcams: Any and all types…accept film/must be digital and accept SD cards
  11. Winter Camo: Winter Ghillie suit or two piece “Snow Camo”
  12. RCBS Loading Dies for 243 Winchester
  13. Ladderstands; 15 to 20 foot; Singles or Buddy types
  14. Climbing Treestands; all makes and models rated to 300 lbs.
  15. Hoyt Maxxis 31 Bow: 322 fps!!!
  16. A dozen 30” Carbon Express Arrows (Size…. 350…. Shaft Weight …… 9.8 Gr/inch….Spine…. 347 Length…. 30″)
  17. A dozen “Rage2” Broadheads
  18. Mossberg 12 ga O/U Silver Reserve
  19. Remington R1; 45 acp: Base Model with adj. Sights
  20. Hi-Point/Glock/Ruger Semi-auto in 40 S&W


Ok there is my Top 20 …… feel free to make reasonable substitutions. Remember if you send anything off my list I will use it well and write a solid review about the item you can use for marketing.

If you are serious and want to take me up on the offer…email me at: [email protected] for shipping information.

PS. Yes I would be willing to accept items at cost with prior approval. Be sure to mention the “demo” arrangement in first email, to avoid misunderstandings. But all shippers must pay own shipping…no COD’s.

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