The Post Christmas, After New Years… Outdoorsman’s Wish list


(Or what to look for on Clearance but that you will never find.)

©2011 Brent N. Reece

Ok it’s the 4th of January and I have looked everywhere for my Christmas presents. You know the real presents. Those items you know you placed on your list but that some of your “gifters” may have thought too expensive. Or God forbid, they thought you were either too young for, or too old to play with.

To give you some idea of what I am talking about. You may want to chase this link, OLM. But be sure to pop right back!

Ok you have looked at their article and can see where I am going with this. I can honestly say that out of the 50 items listed I have or have owned a fair number.

My list:

#4 – Ruger single-six convertible

#13- T/C Contender

#15 – Smith & Wesson M41 22LR

#24 – Winchester M94 30-30

#31 – Marlin Model 60 semi-auto 22LR

#32 – Savage 110

#33 – Marlin 336 Lever action 30-30/35 Rem.

#36 – Remington 870 Pump

Not a bad list. But remember that list is derived from their TOP 50. In no way does that cover the actual number of guns I have, or have had. Just those guns that made their list and mine.

Now to add insult to injury I am reading this TOP 50 and there on the page is a link to….25 Greatest Deer Rifles. Go check it out…. OLM. But come right back!

Now out of these 25 I have had a few as well. Some of course are duplicates.

#6 – Winchester Model 94

#12 – Lee-Enfield SMLE 303 British

#18 – Marlin 336

#22 – Savage 110

Now I can honestly say I have never been a real fan of Winchester or Remington. Instead I was always a Marlin/Savage type. My choices were more out of utility than a desire to grab the “newest/hottest/slickest”. My guns had to deliver accuracy, reliability, and value. Slick just wasn’t what I wanted.

Now I have owned a few guns that were slick. But came my way more by accident than intent or design. One was the Remington 600 in 222. A sexy little carbine, with a vent rib? I owned that one a real short time, about a day. I bought it in 1978 right after my 18th birthday. Just to prove I could. Seems there was girl involved, my still relatively new status as a driver, and proving I was a man and not a boy any longer.

We were in a small gun shop in my hometown when I spotted it. The young lady liked the looks. So to impress her I bought the rifle, two boxes of shells and some targets. We took the rifle out that day and shot all 40 rounds through it. The iron sights were dead on and it shot amazingly well. But for some reason, I took it back the next day and swapped it. But for some unknown reason I cannot recall what the gun was. Just know a buddy had seen some kind of “deer rifle” and I had to trade off the “22” for a “Bambi killer”.  (We are talking about deals for about 100.00. Recently saw that M600 in .308 sell for over 475.00 on

My all time favorite “slick” Guns I have owned:

          1. High Standard “Duramatic”: had two pistols/ 3 barrels and made a cedar case with felt liner for set. Numbers were 4 apart. But it shot like…telekinetics. You thought therefore it happened.

          2.       Winchester Model 120 Semi-Auto 22LR (Only full size/adult 22 rifle I ever found. Even now the Ruger10/22 & Remington 567’s all seem like “kiddie” guns.)

          3. Remington XP: 221 Fireball (too plastic)

          4. Savage M24V; 30-30 over 12 gauge ( What can I say…perfect solution.)

           5. Detonics 9mm: 9 shot ultra compact (Carried it in an ankle holster for about 5 years.)

           6.  Iver Johnson Cattleman 44 magnum Single Action: first big bore handgun I ever owned. Fantastic balance; great recoil to weight ratio (and the only 44 I could fast draw and dance cans with.)

           7. Remington Nylon 66 Mohawk Brown: just the fastest most reliable 22 I ever shot, until I bought my first Marlin 60. The styling was really cool, but the plastic stock was just too “plastic”.

         8. Charles Daly O/U Field Grade : 20 gauge; Model? Bored skeet/skeet and killed clays and partridge with equal abandon.

Now we come back to my Christmas list, and I have published it here previously. Brent’s list   It seems the last few entries have been lost from everyone else’s copy. Specifically the following:

  1.  Mossberg 12 ga O/U Silver Reserve
  2. Remington R1; 45 acp: Base Model with adj. Sights
  3. Hi-Point/Glock/Ruger Semi-auto in 40 S&W


Now the latter is a wide gap in price and availability. A Hi-Point is a polymer pistol good for home defense or gang banging. Pretty cheap at 165.00!! Now the Glock is another “plasticized -carbon fiber molded” pistol. A bit more, in the 200-300 range most everywhere. The Ruger is a solid 50/50 hitech handgun, pushing the 300-400 ranges.

Just seems my whole clan went cheap on me this year. I even had to go get my own #1 item on my list….are you hearing me Santa!!! The Savage Edge/Axis 243 Winchester. I’ll have it in the rack by January’s end. Just in time for Coyote killing!

All I know is next year…you got to give to get!! My wife’s kids are all grown… and my boy just “remembered” he believed in Santa, just in time to get his gifts, or he was looking at Santa deciding that if he was a non-believer…he was a non-receiver!! How would he explain that to his still believing brother and sister? No Santa…no gifts!!

For me, it was always about the giving not receiving. Guess I’m getting too old and selfish. Or am I just looking for the impossible? Fairness and equality.

How did you make out?   Love to hear how your gifting panned out.