Welcome To Bingham
©2017 Brent Reece

This all started last September……..

We found a house listed on Craigslist and arranged to see it. The sellers were really motivated and we negotiated a killer deal. Using alternative financing we were able to close the deal in short order and moved in in October. A good friend acted as bank and we are now paying him on an accelerated schedule that has it paid for in about 4 years from today.

Life here is different…..

My nearest neighbors Moo instead of Boohoo…..

My son and I have more time for normal things ……..

Like Fishing

Bow Practice

Not to mention just sitting around a good fire with my best girl

If you live in Maine and love to seek out and forage wild foods please copy and paste this link to my FB page on Maine Foraging
If you know what chaga is and pick berries and fiddleheads you are a forager. Ever eaten ramps or wild garlic/onion grass?

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