A Fishing We Will Go!

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When travelling the backroads of wild Maine I prefer to travel very light. I wear a belt pack and carry a small satchel liker the one pictured. I even switch to a telescoping rod or a two piece light weight outfit to make moving through the woods easier.


I toss a lot of hardware for backwoods fishing……and yes I fly fish a fair amount as well


The key here is remember whatever you carry in you have to carry out. So don’t carry the whole box you use in your boat. Just cover the basics and shrink it down to a tolerable but well equipped level.


A few of the things in my box:

  1. Weighted Spinners: Mepps and Roostertails
  2. Light Spoons: Dardevles and such in the 1/8th to 1/4th sizes…..about an inch to two inches long
  3. Soft Plastics: grubs and minnows (jig heads on the grubs)
  4. Minnow plugs: Rapalas/ Rebels and Yozuri Pin Minnows
  5. Power Baits: eggs and crawlers
  6. Maribou Jigs: olive green and tan/white/ yellow…..black works sometimes. 1/16th to 1/8th
  7. Kastmaster slab spoons in 1/8 and 1/4 sizes

I use the best line I can so go with a Berkley Trilene or Stren in the 6 to 10 pound range. I prefer Flourocarbon leaders in 6 to 8 pound tests for trout. Use minimal artificial weight so sinkers are optional. This is light to ultra light angling so don’t over do the line or the reel and pole you use. I stick to light action 6 foot poles and do quite well.



Look for fish in pools behind rocks and in deep pools caused by springs..beavers or falling water at waterfalls. Approach from down current as they face into the current. Be ready the second the lure hits the water..hungry trout hit fast. Your best cast is the first cast.


Fish hard…Fish Often….Fish Like You Mean It!


Good luck..God Bless and share your pics!


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