Bear Hunters Unite!
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Bear Hunters Unite!
© 2017 Brent Reece

Another season is upon us and I hear the usual prattle with bear hunters not supporting each other as they should. The hunting forums are full of this discontent and elitest attitude. We are all under attack by the Peta’s of the world and need to stay together to preserve our right to hunt and to pass on the traditions of hunting.

bears and boars

Here in Maine we have stopped all those special interest groups time and time again. But it only takes one defeat on some lesser issue and they get their feet in the door. ENOUGH!


Brothers and Sisters
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A Fishing We Will Go!
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A Fishing We Will Go!

©2017 Bent Reece


When travelling the backroads of wild Maine I prefer to travel very light. I wear a belt pack and carry a small satchel liker the one pictured. I even switch to a telescoping rod or a two piece light weight outfit to make moving through the woods easier.


I toss a lot of hardware for backwoods fishing……and yes I fly fish a fair amount as well


The key here is remember whatever you carry in you have to carry out. So don’t carry the whole box you use in your boat. Just cover the basics and shrink it down to a tolerable but well equipped level.


A few of the things in my box:

  1. Weighted Spinners: Mepps and Roostertails
  2. Light Spoons: Dardevles and such in the 1/8th to 1/4th sizes…..about an inch to two inches long
  3. Soft Plastics: grubs and minnows (jig heads on the grubs)
  4. Minnow plugs: Rapalas/ Rebels and Yozuri Pin Minnows
  5. Power Baits: eggs and crawlers
  6. Maribou Jigs: olive green and tan/white/ yellow… works sometimes. 1/16th to 1/8th
  7. Kastmaster slab spoons in 1/8 and 1/4 sizes

I use the best line I can so go with a Berkley Trilene or Stren in the 6 to 10 pound range. I prefer Flourocarbon leaders in 6 to 8 pound tests for trout. Use minimal artificial weight so sinkers are optional. This is light to ultra light angling so don’t over do the line or the reel and pole you use. I stick to light action 6 foot poles and do quite well.



Look for fish in pools behind rocks and in deep pools caused by springs..beavers or falling water at waterfalls. Approach from down current as they face into the current. Be ready the second the lure hits the water..hungry trout hit fast. Your best cast is the first cast.


Fish hard…Fish Often….Fish Like You Mean It!


Good luck..God Bless and share your pics!


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Hunters Visit Your Forum
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Hunters Visit Your Forum
©2017 Brent Reece



Maine Hunting Forum

This is THE site for hunters in Maine!

Spread the Word……….invite all your friends to follow me and to visit Maine’s Premier Hunting Forum

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First Summer Awesome!
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First Summer Awesome!
©2017 Brent Reece

Love the wild places of yesterday and today and thinking about tomorrow!

Many adventures lived……living and gonna live!

Time to reflect on all that has happening and will happen in the coming seasons here in Bingham!

– Brent

Thank You Lord!!
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Bear Season Is Upon Us!
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Bear Season Is Upon Us!
© 2017 Brent Reece

If you are a hunter in Maine then you know what time it is for all of us bear hunters.


This the time of year we set out the barrels and start hauling al manner of foods to the woods to draw in all the bears. I know guys who swear by Old Roy and bacon grease. I know others who have a pipeline from JJ Nissen or Country Kitchen. Others still who have connections at Little Debbie or Hershey to get other sweets.

All over the Map from Allagash to Jackman……..Monticello to Patten and Kittery to Fort Kent the bear hunters are a field. Logging in long hours establishing new bait sites and filling old ones. Setting trail cams so you can see the age and maturity of all the bears and when they come to the bait.

This is not some accidental sighting but a carefully calculated endeavor to put the right bear in the right place at the right time. These bears are being fed and finessed into putting aside their fear to offer a hunter the chance to take a bear cleanly and humanely. Not ”jump shot” in an accidental encounter with the elusive critters.

Every effort is made to present the bear to the hunter in the best way to insure harvest and a very humane one.

Well some will say that bear baiting is not very “sporting”.


It’s a lifestyle….and a culture all it’s own.

When someone is said to have “made sport of” something or someone they are insulting or are demeaning that person or activity.

Hunting is far too important to be addressed by such terminology.

Sportsman is a term for someone who does something with high moral standard and ethics. So having great Sportsmanship while hunting is not to belittle the endeavor but to raise it up to a better standard. What better standard can there be then to honestly accept that bear baiting is the best and most humane of all the methods we use today!

Therefore it is in fact the SPORTSMAN’S Choice for ethical hunting of bears.

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Gear up for survival
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Gear Up For Survival
©2017 Brent Reece

What items should be in a hunter’s survival kit?

Good Question: as with lots of outdoor stuff, this all becomes a matter of personal preference and very specific needs. As you often hear, the first tool of survival is your brain. Starting there, everything else is pretty much optional.

In Mine:
1. Water Bottle/Bladder (filled)

2.Waterproof matches in a match safe

3.Extra socks and knit hat (In ziplock bag)

4.Whistle, or small boaters air horn

5.Toilet paper – in a zip-lock bag

6.Space blanket

7. Poncho

8.A fairly advanced medical kit (this is more for if I come across someone needing help)

9.Several pairs of pocket hand/toe warmers — the chemical kind that just start to get warm when you take them out of the pack (HotHands)

10.About 20 feet of 550 army parachute cord

11.Handgun with Extra ammo

12. Extra Hunting Knife and sharpener (can dull a knife quickly while dressing game)

13. LED light and extra batteries. (Blood light for tracking)

14. Map of area hunting (GPS with extra batteries. not as good as a map for showing you the way out, unless you have topos on it.)

15. Sugary snacks light granola bars and candy bars; trail mix with mm’s for energy

16. Fire starter Stick, used to start fireplaces and BBQ’s; sealed inside a ziplock. Small piece will start a fire if dry tinder is available. Whole bar if wet sticks is all you can find.

Welcome To Bingham!
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Welcome To Bingham
©2017 Brent Reece

This all started last September……..

We found a house listed on Craigslist and arranged to see it. The sellers were really motivated and we negotiated a killer deal. Using alternative financing we were able to close the deal in short order and moved in in October. A good friend acted as bank and we are now paying him on an accelerated schedule that has it paid for in about 4 years from today.

Life here is different…..

My nearest neighbors Moo instead of Boohoo…..

My son and I have more time for normal things ……..

Like Fishing

Bow Practice

Not to mention just sitting around a good fire with my best girl

If you live in Maine and love to seek out and forage wild foods please copy and paste this link to my FB page on Maine Foraging
If you know what chaga is and pick berries and fiddleheads you are a forager. Ever eaten ramps or wild garlic/onion grass?

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Yee Haw!!! Back from the dark abiss…thank you Outdoor Hub!
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Back and better than ever!
© 2017 Brent Reece

Lots of game here in Bingham!

Looking forward to sharing all my adventures past..present and future!!!