This last Sunday, The Wildlife Pro Network began its 2009 year  with a big bang and in grand style. We are indeed greatful for all the efforts made by the entire Skinny Moose Media network for its overall success on getting our message out.

The show proved to very informative and I was thankful knowing who was actually help putting the show together, my co-hosts  Brent Saxton of Kees Productions & Ron Jones,  of Rednecks Pride Game Calls/Outdoor Scents . I feel many learned the ins and outs of Hunting safety,planning a safe hunt, and got nearly two hours of tips and techniques on Predator Hunting & Calling.

The show was produced in two basic parts announcing  our own efforts on helping a fellow hunter & trapper Nick Pallo who was seriously injured in a hunting accident in Central new York on 17 Dec 2009. Nick was my special guestand he had the opportunity to rehash that night and offer his own recommendations on how to prevent such an accident from re-occuring again and his lessons learned are a reminder that not all bullets come gfrom third parties and that no matter how many times you and a buddy hunt together it is always necessary to talk the hunt together and cover everything to not get hit by friendly fire.

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 I have Sunday Nights Podcast up in two parts and was able to get some editing done and it now easily fits on two CDR’s. Appreciate the chance to work with many of you helping Nick out. Nick starts out the show with his lessons learned and he should make a good hunting safetyinstructor someday, but I expect he will go farther once he gets his
health back.

Ron Jones, Brent Saxton, Nick Pallo and Al LaFrance contributed to most of the information and many others. Hunting Safety, Tips on Game Calling , Why To Use Scents and of course lots of pointers on how to to conduct a safe night time predator hunt.

Part One:…

Part Two:…

Nicks Own Interview:…

 Also mentioned that Night was the First Annual Nick Pallo Predator Hunt

1st Annual Nick Pallo Predator Hunt Scheduled :

1st Annual Nick Pallo Predator Hunt Scheduled :

Sunday February 1st from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The check-in will takeplace at the Solon Sportsman Club; 4475 Sportsman Road, Solon, NY. Lots of great prizes and I have just been told Fox Pro donated three of their systems, FX3 Game Caller, Jack n The Box Decoy and 6 of their Handcalls. AThis was a great gesture on Fox Pro’s part too. If you have a New York hunting license you are welcome to hunt statewide for this worthy cause.

Here is a audio clip about The work NYTrappers.Org is also doing on Nicks behalf. They also like The Wildlife Pro Network are have ongoing auctions for Nick Pallo.…

This is the first in a series of podcasts we plan to include as part of this ongoing blog.Side bar note this site uses a advertising service called Info Links. Not exactly sure about many of the links on this page underlined.My sincere apologies for some poor redirects.Don’t say I warned you!
Robb Russell