Mystery Solved for Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)?
Robb Russell, Gainesville, Florida

Live Trapping Of Bees Is Earth Friendly. No Pesticides Ever used.

Live Trapping Of Bees Is Earth Friendly. No Pesticides Ever used.

Great news came out of Spain this week that if correct may finally solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of domesticated honey bees throughout the United States. Honey bees are a very significant contributor to most of all farmed goods in the United States since we rely on them to pollinate the crops harvested to feed this great nation.

Up until now this discovery and link to a parasite found in professional apiaries called Nosema ceranae (Microsporidia) the beekeepers and scientists have been fooled about its origin. As a fellow bee keeper I have long been concerned of whether or not we would ever have a cure for CCD.

Thanks to the efforts of a Spanish science team they have now isolated the parasite and were successful in eliminating this parasite. They were successful in treating the infected surviving under-populated colonies with the antibiotic drug, flumagillin and demonstrated complete recovery of all infected colonies.

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If you have a problem with bees swarming and want to have them removed . I personally recommend not hiring a pest control company that uses chemicals since we still have low populations of bees throughout the United States. Hire a beekeeper or a professional company that offers live bee removal. The professionals are trained to not only to resolve your Human-Bee Conflict but safely return the bees back to the environment using approved green methods. You can find Beekeepers and live honey bee trappers through our many web sites: , and anytime animal control.

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Robb Russell
Anytime Animal Control of Florida