I owe friend Jake Hartwick a bit of an apology. Jake sent me a copy of his new DVD quite some time ago, after I had agreed to review it. I watched it fairly quickly, sent him off a few initial comments – comments that were entirely positive. Then, I guess – life happened. This weekend I watched the DVD again, for the 3rd time, so that I could finally write the review it deserved.

The DVD is titled “Song of Africa – Episode One; Zululand”. This DVD is filmed in HD, and it is a super first effort by Jake Hartwick and Robin Berg. The movie features Jake and first-time-to Africa hunter Randy Archbold. This is Jake’s second visit. The movie takes place entirely in South Africa, with the hunt hosted by Tim Rudman of Trophy Hunters Africa along with his staff, and a devilish little dog. This is more than a hunting video. With minimal gore, I would be comfortable showing it to my non-hunting (but open minded!) friends and family.

You will see some awesome scenery. You’ll get a peek at life inside a Zulu village. You’ll follow Jake as he makes a quick stalk on a stunning nyala. You’ll see Randy take a perfect impala, and then put the creep on a big old Cape Buffalo in brush so thick it’s a wonder he got a shot off. If you’re looking for a “whack em and stack em” video that is a compilation of kill shots and bubbas “high-fivin”, this won’t be for you. Rather, think “NatGeo with hunting scenes”. The addition of African culture into this DVD really enhanced it for me.

This DVD is interesting and entertaining. Videography is top notch, and the score is well-done. music when there should be, voices when there should be, silence when appropriate. One of my pet peeves when reviewing videos is volume. I hate continuously messing with the volume; turning it up because I can’t hear dialogue, turning it down when the music starts blasting. I don’t think I touched the volume button on the remote a single time.

This really is a great effort by these guys. I think the “Africa seed” that has been planted deep in my brain for ages has just sprung a little green shoot. Little “what-if” scenarios are starting to flicker around in my skull.

To view more reviews, contact Jake or buy this video, visit the Song of Africa website. I’m very much looking forward to their next effort!